Made in 4 layer PU. Specail LOW BOUNCE Butyl bladder for limited bounce cintrol and air retention. Over 100 grams lighter allowing the younger athlete to improve confidence when playing futsal. Panels: 32.                                                                                                              ULTRA-LITE BALL TECHNOLOGY
ELETTO’s Ultra-Lite Ball was created to engage the first-time youth player and build their confidence with the ball, and inspire passion for the game. 


                                           Play the German and Dutch way
Lite Ball Technology was implemented in the youth soccer development program in Germany and the Netherlands in 2001. The technology was created for youth players to build confidence and skills the right way from a young age. The Lite Ball composition increases control, touch, ease of passing and shooting. A regular weighted ball is hard and heavy for youth and does not allow them to develop their game properly. Lite balls allow them to develop their skills and have fun at the same time. MATCH and TRAINING QUALITY.

Liga Futsal Ultra-Lite 290

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