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Designed for indoor or outdoor use, this adjustable bar increases your speed and flexibility.

This durable, adjustable barrier is ideal for hardcore training, balance and agility training as well as core training for all fitness levels.

Adjustable agility training hurdles are designed for powerful pedaling and jumping exercises to improve knee lift and jumping.

Standing 6 inches to 12 inches, these speed barriers encourage athletes to have higher knees than shorter products and get betterresults during agile training.


Stable and lightweight: Ultra-durable, one-piece design.

Made from heavy-duty solid flat PVC tubing, it is rugged and provides fast feet, allowing you to export maximum power and footwork no matter what your workout.

Hurdles can be adjusted between 6˝ and 12˝ in height by rotating feet.

Sold in 6 hurdles per set 





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